About Me

Hi ! My name is Armani and I’m born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have a passion for music and helping anyone I can. I have a very big heart, mind and soul and wish to help anyone and everyone. I’ve always been inspired to do great things and was particularly inspired to create this website to help guide anyone through self growth. Self growth is a big part of who I am because I’m always looking for ways and advice to better myself. Whether it’s reading new books, watching inspirational videos or even asking advice from friends, I’m always searching for improvement within myself and for the people closest to me. This self growth is different from all the rest because I focus on your mind, body, and soul. When changing to better yourself, your thoughts and habits change. As well as your body language, change of heart and of course, your soul. I make it my mission to show others that this type of self growth is to better your thoughts, feelings, actions, habits and attitude. Within changing these things, you will feel your soul become pure, and overall feel a change in who you are and who you surround yourself with. I want to help anyone who is willing to change and wants to be the very best version of themselves. Although I’m still in the process of growing, I want to help others grow to their full potential.